About Us

Linking Resources to Student Needs

The Student Advancement Foundation is about more than just raising money.  We identify and strengthen partnerships and engage the community to use their resources to support students.  Since 1993, we’ve raised almost $8 million to provide tools and enrichment experiences for the students of Grand Rapids Public Schools. We currently invest our energy and funds in the following priorities: Literacy, The Arts, Math & Science, Environmental Education, and Physical Wellness.

Our Mission:

To ensure that all Grand Rapids Public Schools students have the tools they need to learn.

Our Vision:

The day when there are no barriers to GRPS students reaching their full potential.     

Our Core Beliefs:

  • All children, regardless of their socioeconomic background, deserve a chance to succeed.
  • Positive educational experiences are key to success later in life.
  • The region’s core city cannot thrive if its public school students fail.
  • Our public school system should be a source of talent and energy and contribute to the area’s economic engine.
  • The community is willing and able to demonstrate support for our public school students.