Environmental Education

While we certainly agree Grand Rapids is a vibrant city in which to work, play, learn and live, we also recognize that urban students may be missing an important connection to our natural environment.  

The SAF is proud to support outdoor education experiences at Blandford Nature Center for every 3rd, 6th and 9th grader in GRPS.

That’s almost 4,000 students each year who learn about bioethics, authentic Anishnabek practices, and wetland and ecosystem exploration—all in the extraordinary outdoor learning environment so rigorously maintained by our Blandford friends!  Here’s what some of last year’s students said about their experiences:
“I never knew bugs are so cute.” -6th grade student
“Those Anishnaabe people sure knew how to live in nature.”
-3rd grade student
“There’s like a whole world down there.” -6th grade student, having just explored invertebrate life in the cattail marsh.