It wasn't so long ago the libraries in Grand Rapids Public Schools were in poor condition.  Students were left with only threadbare, inappropriate or irrelevant literature, like When Man Walks on the Moon.  How could we possibly expect them to develop a love of reading in such an environment?  Fortunately, our community came together to support the goal of bringing our city's school libraries up to national standards and create reading-rich environments in classrooms.  

In 2004 the SAF launched the “Need to Read” campaign to restock every library in Grand Rapids Public Schools and make sure each student had access to the materials and resources needed to achieve success in literacy.  

By 2007, $1.6 million dollars had been raised and all 47 libraries were replenished with current, vibrant literature.  

And to make sure our schools' libraries remain well-stocked and engaging, with continued support from our community, the SAF updates every library with new books, investing more than $75,000 in literacy each year.

Check out what GRPS students had to say about their new libraries in this video!