Fall Sports Update

Is winter here already? Fall sports flew by in a blur and we’re gearing up for winter basketball season! We wanted to give a brief update to all of our fantastic friends and supporters who contributed to physical wellness and the Elementary Afterschool Sports (EAS) program at MindShare this spring…

Cross country grew unbelievably fast this year – 500 elementary kids from GRPS participated, compared to only 155 last year. Not to be outdone, fall soccer also had 500 students participating in practices and games. SAF staff witnessed a few of these outings and were amazed by how engaged and enthusiastic the kids were. We were thrilled that GRPS was able to assemble such a great team of willing and caring volunteers to coach students and organize practices and games. Parents, friends and family showed up to cheer on the kids as they got some fresh fall air in their lungs, while learning the basics of soccer, sportsmanship, and teamwork.

Basketball practices start up in early December, and participation is expected to be high this year. We’re excited to see how many kids decide to lace up their sneakers and learn to dribble, shoot, and score!

We have one more very exciting piece of news to share – the SAF has received a three-year $50,000 grant from the Steelcase Foundation to support Elementary Afterschool Sports. We’re so grateful to our friends at the Steelcase Foundation for joining with us to support and promote kids’ physical wellness through healthy and fun activity!

We want to take this opportunity to tell each of you how grateful we are for your commitment to our kids - we couldn’t continue our critical work of providing tools and experiences for our community’s students without your generous support.  From all of us at SAF, we wish you a safe and happy holiday season!