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Arts Education


The Arts fosters creative learning and helps children to stay connected, active and engaged in school.

Studies of child brain development show that quality arts education is one of only six factors that encourage healthy brain development in children.

Teaching with the Brain in Mind,  Dr. Eric Jensen


Recent Grants

$45,225   To Grand Rapids Public Schools to purchase arts and music supplies for arts education for all grades and ages.  “Art isn’t about art- it’s about life.  I try to give my students as many experiences as I can provide.”  Southwest Community Campus Art Teacher Matt LaFleur on what art classes are like for his students because he has a fully stocked classroom thanks to the Student Advancement Foundation.


$27,500  To Grand Rapids Public Schools for arts enrichment trips for all first through 6ixth grade students, approximately 8,500 students, in Grand Rapids Public Schools.   This grant will be used for trip admission costs, fees and transportation expenses.  These trips will include:   Grand Rapids Children’s Museum (First Grade); Grand Rapids Civic Theatre (Second Grade); Grand Rapids Art Museum (Third Grade); Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park (Fourth & Sixth Grades); and Grand Rapids Symphony Orchestra (Fifth Grade).

“My favorite part of our trip was the sculpture of the neuron because it was exciting to learn about something in your brain that tells you to move your arms or something like that!”  Cavontae, 6th Grade Aberdeen School, October 2014 Trip to Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park.


$7,500  Grand Rapids Civic Theatre and Grand Rapids Public Schools for 20 students from Coit Elementary to participate in a full year of after-school theatre classes at Civic Theatre’s School of the Theatre Arts.  These students will be from third, fourth and fifth grades and is part of Coit School’s commitment to the arts.   This grant will be used for fees, costs and transportation expenses.

“Because of your generosity, my urban second grade students were able to enjoy a wonderful theater experience… We used the play as a springboard for a class unit. Each student wrote a letter and included ‘Flat Stanley’ in it. We learned about the United States, writing letters, and what the word ‘adventure’ means.”
-Ms. Hamil, Coit Creative Arts Academy