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Physical Wellness

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Providing opportunities to get children active and keep them healthy.

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We all want to ensure that GRPS students have the tools they need to learn, but how does a sports program fit in? The Student Advancement Foundation sees sports as another critical tool to help kids become stronger, smarter, and self-assured.

Research shows that healthy, active students make better learners. That’s why SAF provides funding for the Elementary Afterschool Sports (EAS) program so that district elementary students can participate in track, cross country, basketball or soccer – right at the home school and during afterschool time.


Meet Sue: A Parent Who is Part of the Impact

Sue Garza is a parent whose son played basketball in the afterschool sports program last year. Her husband, Tony, coached the team. Sue shared these observations: “What is special about this program is that it’s free! Many families are struggling and paying for sports is out of the realm of possibility. I know a father of five who constantly asks me when the sports teams are starting up because he’s so anxious to have his children participate. It really builds up families and communities, starting sports at a young age. The need for physical movement is essential and so is the need to feel part of a team. My son enjoyed sports and the atmosphere of trying your best and learning sportsmanship.”

We’re grateful to parents like Sue, who recognize the importance of opportunities like these that nurture self-assured kids who are well-prepared to learn, grow and succeed!

“It’s really fun to be here and it’s important to exercise…and you can always do it in a fun way.”


– Anna, Shawmut Hills