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Special Initiatives

Responding to Special Needs

Occasionally, the Grand Rapids Public Schools or its students have a need outside the scope of academics that is nonetheless a barrier to full and active participation in learning.   On a case by case basis, the Student Advancement Foundation will develop a special initiative to address these critical need.

Principal’s Student Support Fund

The Student Advancement Foundation provides these funds, at the school principal’s discretion, to resolve urgent or essential needs of individual students.  Principals’ Student Support funds are typically last resort and are only granted when no other community resource is available to help.

Principal’s Uniform Closet

In Fall, 2013, the Grand Rapids Public Schools began implementing a school uniform policy for the students of the district.    The school uniform requirement is being phased in over three years at the school district:  2013-2014 Elementary Schools; 2014-2015 Elementary & Middle Schools; 2015-2016 All K-12 Schools.   In January 2014, 80% of teachers reported that it was the right decision for student learning.

  • $15,000    Allocated to purchase school uniforms for students/ families in need during the 2013-2014 school year.