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Our Board

Our Board of Directors

Deb Bailey, President

Maria DeVos*, Vice President

Carla Grant, Treasurer

Brookton Behm, Secretary

eMily Aleman-McAlpine

Maria Alvarez de Lopez

Charles Ash

Joseph Crawford, Nominating Chair

Ben Emdin

Art Gray

Mark Janes, Programs Chair

Joe Jones

Amy Keane

Rebecca Knack

Paul Lee

Kathy Lloyd

Jon March

Liesel Meijer

Karen O’Donovan, Fund Development Co-Chair

Carol Paine-McGovern

Julie Towner

Todd Walker

Maribeth Wardrop, Fund Development Co-Chair


Ex-Officio Board Members

Teresa Weatherall Neal

Mary Bouwense

Wendy Falb, Ph.D.


Honorary Directors

Doug DeVos*

Rich & Helen DeVos*

Fred & Lin Keller*

Judge Benjamin Logan

David & Linda Mehney*

Lena Meijer*

Dr. Juan Olivarez

Charles & Stella Royce*

Peter & Joan Secchia*

John Wheeler*


In Memoriam

Peter Cook*

Fred Meijer*

Tom Shearer

Peter Wege*

Casey Wondergem

*Founding Scholars






 SAF Impact Areas

” I know a father of five who constantly asks me when the sports teams are starting up because he’s so anxious to participate.  It really builds up families and communities.  The need for physical movement is essential and so is the need to feel like part of a team.”   Sue Garza, Parent




GRPS Calculator

MATH SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY- Helping students be prepared for the 21st Century Economy by providing access to needed technology tools.